140 inspectors, legal advisors and other officials from the authorities in the Market Surveillance Council gathered on the 13th of April in Stockholm to discuss topical issues related to market surveillance.

PROSAFE (Product Safety Forum of Europe) is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote product safety. It consists of officials from European market surveillance authorities. This year PROSAFE celebrates its 25 anniversary and a series of events is being planned to mark this occasion.

The European Commission has adopted and published a revised version of the so called Blue Guide. The Blue Guide is a guide to the EU product legislation based on the legislative method called the Nwe Approach or the the New Legislative Framework for the marketing of products, NLF. This type of legislation comprises provisions on accreditation, different procedures for conformity assessment, notified bodies, CE marking and market surveillance. 

While product legislation becomes increasingly harmonised within the EU, its enforcement is still fragmented. The Dutch Presidency in the EU arranged the 23 February a conference on how compliance and common objectives could be achieved through cross border cooperation.

The Market Surveillance Council has today transmitted the follow-up of the national market surveillance plan for 2015 to the Government. New technology like 3D printing and new business models related to digitalisation and the collaborative economy, market surveillance of complex systems and software, checks on products marketed on the internet, powers and sanctions of market surveillance authorities as well as cross border cooperation within the EU were some of the main issues the Market Surveillance worked with in 2015. “Your Product, Your Responsibility 2015”, a seminar aimed at raising awareness of economic operators, was one of the major information activities.