On this website you will find information on the rules that economic operators and authorities have to comply with

  • Public consultations on mutual recognition and market surveillance

    How can the knowledge and the enforcement of EU product legislation be improved? The EU Commission has launched two public consultations to obtain the views and ideas of authorities, business, consumers and other stakeholders before future legislative initiatives.

  • Conference on the internal market

    On June 17, some 150 representatives from public authorities, business, consumer organisations and other stakeholders gathered in Brussels to discuss how the free movement of goods and compliance can be enhanced through increased knowledge, clearer rules and enforced cooperation.

  • Governmental Inquiry Commission on market surveillance

    The Swedish Government has appointed an Inquiry Commission to analyze the effectiveness of the powers and sanctions that market surveillance authorities have at their disposal. The analysis and legislative proposals shall be delivered to the Government by the 31 August 2017.

  • Market surveillance day 2016

    140 inspectors, legal advisors and other officials from the authorities in the Market Surveillance Council gathered on the 13th of April in Stockholm to discuss topical issues related to market surveillance.

  • Conference on cross border cooperation

    While product legislation becomes increasingly harmonised within the EU, its enforcement is still fragmented. The Dutch Presidency in the EU…

  • Revised guidelines on the implementation of EU product rules

    The European Commission has adopted and published a revised version of the so called Blue Guide. The Blue Guide is…

  • 25th anniversary of PROSAFE

    PROSAFE (Product Safety Forum of Europe) is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote product safety. It consists of officials from…

  • The Swedish market surveillance 2015

    The Market Surveillance Council has today transmitted the follow-up of the national market surveillance plan for 2015 to the Government….

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